Hi my name is Deborah and I am originally from Australia, I have citizenship in the United Kingdom, as my Grandfather was from Scotland. I am an experienced counsellor and neuropsychotherapist, having 20 years of experience working in the field. I use a blend of therapies from different psychological approaches so that I can provide a unique and individually tailored service that is best suited for people's needs. 


I work with individuals, couples and children. I am available in the daytime and evenings up to 8 pm. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and abide by their ethical framework. I also Supervise counsellors.


  • Bachelor's degree in Behavioural Science, Psychology and Counselling

  • Post Graduate in Neuropsychotherapy

  • Professional Counselling Supervisors Certificate

  • In progress: Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology



Certifications of additional training

  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy boot camp

  • ACT advanced training 12-week course

  • ACT Mindfully: acceptance and commitment therapy level 2

  • ACT mindfully: acceptance and commitment therapy level 1

  • Altered states of consciousness healing

  • Anxiety, panic, OCD, phobias and PTSD treatment therapy

  • Art as therapy training

  • Attachment and play therapy

  • Basic principles of mental functioning

  • Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

  • Behavioural therapy

  • Bereavement, Grief and loss counselling

  • Between mindful and wandering brain

  • Bipolar spectrum: bringing evidence to practice

  • Brain and neuroscience

  • Building confidence with people who have experienced childhood abuse

  • Chakra systems in therapy

  • Child and adolescent psychopathology

  • Clinical Counselling

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy

  • Compassion fatigue and burnout

  • Creative and emotional conflict therapy

  • Counselling and the brain

  • Counsellors, Subpoenas and cross-examination

  • Cultural competence in practice

  • Deep brain systems

  • Developing the therapeutic and professional self through reflective practice

  • Dialectical behavioural therapy

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Essentials of Psychosynthesis

  • Healing spiritual emergence

  • Health care and relaxation course

  • HIV Support Counselling

  • How the ego survives

  • HIV Support Counselling

  • Interactive drawing therapy

  • Introduction to the brain

  • Kabbalistic studies and symbolism

  • Love Bites, domestic violence and sexual assault facilitators training

  • Love Bites train the trainer program

  • Micro skills in therapy

  • Mindfulness, neuroscience and attachment theory

  • Motivational interviewing

  • Neo-cortex

  • Neuro-behavioural mechanisms

  • Neuroplasticity

  • ​Neo-cortex

  • Neuropsychotherapy defined

  • Neuroscience and memory

  • ​​Neuroscience of psychotherapy

  • NLP, Hypnosis and timeline therapy master level

  • ​NLP, Hypnosis and timeline therapy

  • Person-Centred Therapy

  • ​Principles of Psychosynthesis

  • Personal development and self-awareness

  • Philosophical, mindfulness and meditation training

  • Positive psychology

  • ​Psychological needs

  • Recognising, screening and assessing complex trauma

  • Recognising spiritual emergence

  • Relationship counselling

  • Resilience

  • Road map to recovery, healing childhood institutional sexual abuse

  • ​​​​​Sand play training

  • Sand-play therapy training level 1

  • Sand-play therapy training level 2

  • Shark cage training

  • Sitting with the shadow

  • Stop the anger go around, practical and powerful techniques

  • Suicide bereavement narratives

  • Suicide, from myth to understanding

  • The ageing brain

  • The developing brain and the neuroscience of memory and trauma

  • ​​The divided brain

  • The myth of finding happiness after success

  • The social brain and the neuroscience of relationships

  • Therapy and the brain

  • ​Toastmasters 

  • ​​​Understanding and responding to the sexual behaviours of children and adolescents


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London, SW17 9RG


Tel: 07 367 915 515

Email: deborahgraymoon@gmail.com

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